A Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings in Chicago

Men’s Wedding Rings in Chicago are much simpler than those made for women, but that simplicity can be deceptive–putting some people at a loss when trying to find a ring on a budget. By educating yourself beforehand, you can save time and money; below are some terms you’ll find when shopping for a man’s wedding ring.

* Alloy: Most men’s rings use some kind of alloy, from gold to titanium. Alloys are blends of base metal and other materials, which make the ring more durable and resistant to tarnish. A ring’s alloy can make a tremendous difference in price and appearance.

* Contemporary materials: Alternative materials such as ceramics and non-precious metals provide an affordable option, and many are very durable. Common contemporary choices include tungsten, ceramic, stainless steel, titanium and cobalt chrome. These rings are lightweight, strong and stylish, making them an ideal wedding band choice.

* Finish: The ring’s finish refers to the surface treatment it receives. Most men’s wedding rings are less ornate than those worn by women, and finish can make an enormous difference in style and appearance. Some common finishes are brushed, hammered, satin, wired and polished.

* Fit: A wedding ring’s fit refers to the band’s interior, and not outside measurements like ring size or width. There are two fit types: comfort and traditional, which are completely different than one another. The traditional fit is the older of the two, and the interior of such a ring is squarer. A comfort fit ring uses more material on the inside of the band, making the fit more comfortable and rounded. The comfort fit is preferable to most, although many men have to order a half-size smaller.

* Profile: As far as Men’s Wedding Rings in Chicago are concerned, the profile refers to the band’s exterior shape. The two most common profiles are flat and domed; the latter is a traditional profile, and it has a round silhouette which varies depending on ring style and size. Flat profiles are more contemporary in look and style.

Wedding rings for men are simpler than women’s engagement and wedding bands, but the purchase still requires careful consideration. With the tips listed above, you can go ring shopping with more knowledge and confidence. Visit Albert’s Diamond Jewelers website online for more information.

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