A Healthy and Happy Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Salem, OR

When choosing your next dentist, you want to make sure you select a dental practice that offers a complete range of treatments for both general and cosmetic dentistry in Salem, OR. This includes office appointments for preventative care, filings for tooth decay, x-rays, and cleanings. It also means restorative dentistry to fill gaps left by missing and neglected teeth. Different procedures and techniques can refresh a smile that has seen years of wear and tear.

To have cosmetic dentistry done in Salem, OR, you must first have an evaluation. Dr. Edgar Merzenich understands the concerns of patients and their apprehensions about obtaining dental care. His office provides the finest dental care for individuals in Salem, Oregon, making sure patients can smile whenever and wherever they want to with total confidence.

His offices are skilled in the most advanced forms of cosmetic dental procedures to make your smile young again. Orthodontic services are also offered for both the typical adolescent patient and the adult patient who wants to straighten their teeth and realign their bite to its proper position. New procedures and equipment permit braces to now be clear, and many patients have worn the inventive Invisalign braces without others knowing they were wearing braces at all. Cracked and chipped teeth can be covered with veneers to give them the look and feel of natural teeth.

One look at his website, Idylwooddental.com, can give you an idea of the many services his skilled staff provides on a daily basis. Whether it be a simple cleaning with a dental hygienist or a more advanced series of endodontic treatments, know that each aspect of your care is under the supervision of a licensed and certified dentist and his staff. What sets this dental practice apart from others in the area is their ability to make everyone feel at ease with music, pillows, blankets, and televisions for relaxation when needed. When comforting patients, no effort is spared in this healthful environment.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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