A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA Helps Protect Clients

Workplace safety has improved over the years, but plenty of dangers still remain. While employers have become increasingly proactive about making their workplaces as safe as possible, negligence and oversights are still widely in evidence. This can mean that even the most diligent, skillful, and attentive of workers can suffer a serious accident, and the damage that results can be significant. Worse yet, many employers will take an aggressive stance in the event of a workplace accident, trying to minimize the odds that a worker will receive compensation. In many cases, it makes sense for someone who suffers an accident to contact a workers compensation lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA.

It is typically best to do so early on and definitely before coming to any agreement regarding compensation. Claims for compensation are supposed to be handled in a fairly neutral way, with purportedly unbiased authorities deciding upon them. In practice, however, employers and their insurers will often try to influence the process, and almost always to the detriment of the worker in question.

A workers compensation lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA will make sure that this does not result in an injured person being denied the support they are entitled. One common strategy that employers and insurers will use is to try to pin the blame for an accident on a supposed pattern of substance abuse on the part of the worker. Even for someone with nothing but a single legal issue from many years ago in evidence, this tactic sometimes results in a denial of all or most compensation.

It will become obvious that fighting back against such charges can be difficult, particularly because a worker will never be as familiar with the relevant laws and regulations as an insurer or employer. Having access to the counsel and representation of an attorney will always be the best way of making sure all the compensation that is merited will be awarded. Even for accidents that at first seem relatively minor, it will often make sense to arrange a free consultation with Woomer & Talarico, LLC.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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