Adding Style To Any Room With Shaker Doors

For any home with more of a contemporary to modern style, going with a very traditional type of door may not seem like a good match. However, the Shaker doors for interior rooms are one of those timeless style options that actually pair very nicely with more modern designs.

You have seen Shaker doors before, even if you may not have known they were a distinctive style.
The original Shakers came to the United States from England in the mid-1800s where they lived in communal groups similar to the Amish. Currently, there is only one Shaker group living in Maine, but their style of furniture and craftsmanship lives on.

The Style

As with furniture made by the Amish, the Shaker style pays attention to the natural beauty and grain of the wood. Traditionally all Shaker doors and furniture items are stained but not painted, and they are rarely adorned with ornate hardware, rather they are simple and elegant.

The traditional style of Shaker doors includes panels with rails and stiles to form geometric squares and rectangles. This can include two or three-panel doors, with the T-shape of the three-panel doors making it highly recognizable.

The Wood

Most of the top makers of Shaker doors choose to use oak as the construction material. This wood has a uniform and distinctive grain that looks beautiful when stained either a light or dark stain

Oak is also a good choice because of its ability to take any color of stain. For a very modern and contemporary home, a light or a natural stain will look stunning and create a perfect match with lighter or earthier walls and floor colors.

For a more distinctive look, a medium to darker stain is a great match for natural stone floorings such as marble, travertine or other stone tiles. Additionally, the mid to darker colors on Shaker doors will compliment a hardwood floor, and for a lighter floor they provide a nice contrast.

The Hardware

To match with the simple and aesthetically pleasingly lines of modern design as well as Shaker doors, choosing a good match in hardware will be important. Simple brass with a rustic finish looks amazing on the darker colors of stain while a brushed stainless, satin nickel or even a polished brass adds a touch of design while matching the décor perfectly and complimenting the door style.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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