Advantages of Having a Corporate Surety Bond in Bartow County GA

In the investing world, a surety bond is used to ensure that a party will perform as stated in a contract. If for some reason the party defaults on the contract, the corporate surety bond will allow the company to get some of their money they invested back. The following are a few advantages of having a Corporate Surety Bond in Bartow County GA.

Increase Borrowing Potential

Usually, when a company goes to borrow money, they will have to submit a financial statement that reflects the overall fiscal health of the company. The lender will then base their loan decision on the statement and the corporate credit rating obtained by the company. If the company has a Corporate Surety Bond in Bartow County GA in place, the lender will be more likely to issue a loan due to the fact that your losses are able to be recouped.

Protect Your Money

When a company makes an investment, it means that they are risking the money they have put up. Many investments will not yield profit until it is completed, which is why a surety bond is great for these situations. If the project is not completed for some reason, the money the company invested will be paid back to them, which greatly minimizes the risks the company takes. Many large construction and engineering firms use corporate surety bonds for large government construction jobs just in case there is a delay or overall cancellation of the project due to lack of funding.

Low Cost

If a company fails to use surety bonds, they run a great risk of losing a large amount of capital, which would have a negative effect on their operation. Corporate Surety bonds are a great way for a company to hedge their bets and ensure that they will not go belly up on a few bad deals. The bonds are very economical as well, so there is really no reason for a company not to utilize their benefits.

Any company in need of a corporate surety bond should call the professionals at Corntassel Bonding Co. They can provide the bond needed in about a day, which is a great benefit for deals on a time crunch.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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