An Art Journalism Degree at SAIC in the Heart of Chicago, Illinois

At the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, they are proud of the legacy that all of their art students across the world have left. They also know that it is equally as important to have individuals who can report on the art world, and so that is why they are committed to producing top-notch art journalism students as well.

As an art journalism student, your job is to report on the art world. As educational consultants, SAIC’s job is to prepare you for this fascinating field, and so that is why they offer these art journalism courses. Are you just itching to write a piece about that new art exhibit in town? Does an interview of Elijah Burgher, Theaster Greene, or Magalie Guerin set your heart ablaze? If so, this is the degree specialization for you. The professionals and educators at the SAIC in Chicago are committed to helping you get there.

At SAIC in Chicago, they realize that art journalism can truly change the world for the better. They know that art has changed the Windy City for the better, and they also know that this is a great city for artists. Part of the reason for that is because Chicago has a somewhat lower cost of living and comparatively cheap rents, so that is one reason why this city is a great place for a studio.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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