An Experienced Attorney Can Help You Obtain Worker’s Compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA`

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Lawyers

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If you are employed in the state of Iowa, you are covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Your benefits cover you if you are injured on the job, contact an occupational illness or lose your hearing due to your job. In most cases, a worker is able to obtain the medical care and compensation they need without a problem. The system is designed to benefit both employees and their employers. In exchange for no-fault medical treatment, employees agree not to sue their employer for their work-related condition. Sometimes, though, injured workers need the assistance of an attorney to help them get the Best Worker’s Compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA that they are entitled to.

When an employer disputes a worker’s compensation claim, they are saying that they believe the employee either was not injured at work or that a pre-existing condition did not become worse because of their duties at their job. Initially, disputes are handled informally between the employer, the employee and the medical provider. When the parties are not able to resolve the matter, a formal complaint may be filed by an employee who believes they are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. If you have to file a formal complaint to receive your benefits, it is beneficial to consult with an attorney.

An attorney will agressively defend your rights through a worker’s compensation dispute. injured employees have the right to receive treatment for their injuries and to receive cash disability benefits if they have to take time off of work to heal. Whether your employer is disputed the validity of your injury or the treatment that you need to receive to make you whole, a lawyer with experience handling cases involving Worker’s Compensation in Cedar Rapids, IA may be able to help you.

To ensure that the worker’s compensation system works for you when you need it, consult an attorney before requesting a contested-case proceeding with the worker’s compensation commissioner. Your employer is likely to have a lawyer present to represent his or her rights and you should not put yourself at a disadvantage by going to the hearing alone.

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