An Exterminator in Rockford Helps Households Eradicate Flea Infestations

People should not feel embarrassed if fleas invade their homes. Flea infestations are not connected with a home’s untidiness or uncleanliness. Clutter does make eliminating the insects more difficult, though. Household residents who have been unsuccessful at ending a flea infestation or would rather have a professional tackle the problem right away may contact an exterminator in Rockford.

How They Arrive

These bugs typically reach homes after leaping onto a family pet. This could have happened at a boarding kennel or even in the yard. It could occur if someone walks a dog through an area of tall grass or a cat is allowed to roam loose. Even humans can bring fleas into a building if these insects live in their homes.

Opportunistic Insects

Fleas are not species-specific, unlike lice. These opportunistic bugs will bite any animal to obtain blood. They prefer animals with fur or feathers since it’s easier to hide there.

For both male and female fleas, blood is their source of nutrition. Females need more than males because blood is necessary for egg-laying.

The Best Solution

Many people become frustrated after trying to eliminate fleas. The critters are very difficult to eradicate. Rather than setting off total release foggers, which spray insecticide onto every surface the device can reach, it’s better to call an exterminator in Rockford for assistance. Households typically must use foggers two or three times to end the infestation, leaving their home saturated with pesticide residue. To know more, contact Pearson Plumbing & Heating today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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