An Injured Employee Dealing with Claim Denial Can Consult a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Macon, GA

When an injured person receives a workers’ compensation denial letter, the first reaction might be anxiety, panic or anger. This person shouldn’t give up on the possibility of receiving compensation, though. Reaching out to a workers’ compensation attorney in Macon, GA can be an initial step toward overturning the denial by filing an appeal.

The Importance of Being Honest

From the very start, the person should be honest about what happened and the extent of the injury. This is true when approaching the supervisor or company nurse after the accident, and when seeing the doctor. It’s essential not to exaggerate the harm done or try to include an already-existing problem as part of the current issue. That could give the insurer a justifiable reason for denying the claim.

Free Consultations

A workers’ compensation attorney in Macon, GA generally provides free initial consultations so people can find out what their rights are in their situation. State laws address the rights of injured workers, but many employees feel intimidated when trying to make a workers’ comp claim. They don’t want to risk getting fired or having their hours cut once they are able to return to the job. This can be a big concern when someone works for a large corporation and believes that nobody in management actually cares about the employees.

Contingency Fees

Once hired, an attorney with a firm such as Edwards & Bullard Law usually does not charge fees unless the case has a positive outcome. The client begins receiving weekly payments, including the amount retroactive to the claim date, or is paid a lump sum settlement. From this money, the lawyer receives the fee agreed upon when they were hired.

The Intention of Workers’ Compensation

This kind of insurance, funded by employers, is intended to pay for all medical expenses associated with work injuries and most of the lost wages. If a permanent injury occurred, the worker should be compensated for that specific harm done. This amount usually is calculated by standard formulas. The permanent injury does not have to be a disabling one that prevents the individual from working again.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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