An Oral Surgeon In Cranford, NJ Works With More Than Just A Great Smile

Oral health is very important to the overall health of an individual. The perfectly straight teeth and white smile is only a small part of oral health. An Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ can help with gum disease, wisdom teeth extraction, oral biopsy and many other procedures for a healthy smile. A family dentist usually deals with routine cleanings, filling cavities and referring patients for orthodontic care or oral surgery. An oral surgeon works with patients that have more than routine dental care. If a patient is diagnosed with oral cancer, they would need to see an oral surgeon to remove the cancer from the mouth area.

Another example of what an Oral Surgeon in Cranford, NJ is able to perform is a sinus lift. There are times that that the sinus membrane needs to be lifted in order to perform a tooth import. The sinus is lifted and then a bone graft is performed. After this is completed, the tooth implant can be performed. This type of procedure is not something that can be performed by a regular dentist. Wisdom teeth can shift the teeth in the mouth and cause abscesses. An oral surgeon is able to safely remove wisdom teeth that are impacted. Wisdom teeth can become embedded in the jaw bone and can shift or infect the teeth that are currently in the mouth.

Implants are a great alternative to bridges, partials or having all of the teeth removed for dentures. Teeth can be missing for a variety of reasons and it can affect how the individual fees about themselves. Dental implants can be placed into an individual’s mouth and will look exactly like their other teeth including in shape and size. It will instill the self-esteem they may have lost from having a missing tooth and give them the ability to smile with confidence.

If an individual needs more dental care than what a regular dentist can offer, they should visit an oral surgeon. A smile can brighten a day, and an oral surgeon is able to help in this quest. For more information on a terrific smile and improving self-esteem, please feel free to Browse the Site.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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