An Unique Group Therapist in Punta Gorda FL

by | May 2, 2013 | Business

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Group therapy is gaining more notice because of the ABC sitcom Go On. In the comedy Go On, the group launches themselves into one mad capped adventure after another in the hopes of helping one of its members to help then heal. If you live in the Punta Gorda, Florida area, and you are inspired to try group therapy,there in a unique Christian resource. Seek First Book offers a variety of Christian resources including a Group Therapist in Punta Gorda, FL. Unlike the show Go On, you will not be placed a group that has a variety of diverse issues. Each group is set up to help its members with a situation that contains the same life situation theme. An example of one of the themed groups is divorce. Statistically 50% of all marriages end in Divorce, but, how each individual copes with the death of their marriage is unique to their situation and personality. Each group is created with care. Each potential member of a Group is met with to properly place the person in a group whose chemistry is best suited for supporting the healing of difficult situations. The group is led by a trained Therapist. A group will consist of 6-10 members. Each group will meet for one hour a week for 8-12 weeks. Since it is Group Therapy the cost is more affordable treatment option than individual therapy.

Under the professional guidance of the therapist, each group will maintain a respectful session of healing. This is done by establishing rules associated with respect, and privacy. We have all heard the phrase,” what happens in ——- stays in ——“. This is essential to establishing a comfortable safe-zone to connect and understand each other in the therapeutic group. The counseling is based on Christ-centered approach with a Group Therapist in Punta Gorda FL. They state it is not about judging a person’s spirituality but, honoring the path of Christian faith by being supportive to all who seek their aid. Each group will be guided by professional evidence-based psycho-therapeutic practices. Seek First Book and a Group Therapist in Punta Gorda FL could help guide you towards resolving and healing your unique problem.

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