Are mirrored closet doors a good investment?

by | May 8, 2013 | Home Improvement

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If you are in the process of planning the addition of a bedroom to your home or remodelling an existing bedroom, mirrored closet doors are an option that you may wish to choose to finish the space. Although there are many different doors that can be used for closets, using doors with mirrors in Sutton have a number of advantages of basic doors. When you go out to purchase mirrored closet doors, consider the various varieties available and whether they will be complimentary to your room.

When you have mirrored closet doors, there are three primary advantages;

* They have a positive effect on the appearance of the bedroom

* They allow you the advantage of dressing in front of a full-length mirror

* They add to the re-sale value of your home

When you elect to use mirrored bedroom doors, you will find that they have a major effect on the room’s appearance. Any large mirrors in Sutton can make a room look bigger than it really is; this is especially true when the closets are on one wall only. Using mirrored closet doors when the closets are on opposite sides of the room can have just the opposite effect, the room will actually look smaller, and they will create an odd optical illusion that will detract rather than add to the rooms overall ambiance.

Most people enjoy dressing in front of a full-length mirror. These mirrors are often found on the inside of the closet door or mounted to a wall or the front of an existing closet door. When the mirror is an integral part of the closet, not only is it more attractive, the viewing area is larger, which is especially important to tall or bigger people.

There are a couple of drawbacks to mirrored closet doors;

* Safety

* Cleaning

Although mirrored closet doors are made from tempered glass, breakage is usually not a problem. However, closet doors of this nature may not be the best choice for a room shared by a couple of rambunctious children. There is always the potential of the glass breaking, and even though it shatters into small pieces, none of which have sharp edges, the potential for an injury is still there.
Fingerprints are a constant problem with any mirror; it’s even more accentuated when the mirror is part of the closet door. Once again, this problem is magnified in a child’s room, and it can also be an additional chore in the bedroom of adults.

If you do decide to install mirrored closet doors, you can opt for swinging, sliding and bi-fold. Sliding and bi-fold doors will require the addition of a track on the top and bottom of the door path.

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