Are Your Leaky Tires Candidates for Tire Repair in Northbrook IL?

If you have a tire that’s leaking air, you may not need to get a new one. Instead, you may be able to save it with tire repair Northbrook IL. Tire repair is suitable for fixing small leaks. It works best on puncture damage, but may be possible in other cases as well. Here are some of the common reasons that tires leak:

You Drove Over a Sharp Object

This is the scenario most people think of when they get a tire leak. Fortunately, it’s also the one that is one of the easiest to fix. First, the leak’s location must be detected. Then, the defect is examined to see if it can be fixed. Leaks caused by nails and similar objects can be plugged with a combination of rubber pieces and epoxy. Those caused by driving over glass may or may not be repairable; it will depend on the size of the gash. If the tire is leaking air slowly, however, it’s a good sign that a repair can be done.

The Tire Doesn’t Have a Good Seal with the Rim

Slow leaks often result due to this reason. The glue used to hold a tire to the rim can lose its strength over time, but more often, these leaks happen after a car has bumped into the side of a curb. The impact then dislodges the tire a bit, and a leak starts.

If there is no damage to the rim or the tire, the tire can be glued back into place and the leak will stop. In many cases, though, such impacts cause the rubber at the seal area to be damaged. If this has happened, a new tire will usually be needed.

The Tire has Dry Rotted

This is a problem that affects tires that are very old or that have been damaged by exposure to high levels of UV rays or other environmental stresses. It results in a tire that is filled with several visible cracks and thousands of tinier ones. Unfortunately, there is no way to do tire repair in Northbrook IL on dry-rotted tires. They will have to be replaced with tires that still have sound rubber.

You should always ask a shop like HEART Certified Auto Care about the possibility of repair if you have a tire with a slow leak. In many cases, you’ll be happy to learn that the tire can indeed be fixed.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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