Bee Removal in Queens can Safely Take Care of the Problem

Honeybees are the pollinators of plants which are used for food and to beautify the property. Without bees, pollination would not take place in a natural way, and many plant species would suffer as a consequence. While honeybees perform a valuable service when they build a hive where people reside it can be problematic and even dangerous. Bee removal in Queens County can safely remove bees without damaging property, and the utmost care will be taken throughout the removal process to keep them from swarming and stinging.

Benefits of Honeybees

There is a huge difference between honeybees and their distant relatives, the wasp and ants. Honeybees perform a valuable service which keeps all plant life from dying off. Honeybees cross-pollinate 30% of the world’s crops and up to around 90% of all wild plant life. They do this by transferring seeds and pollen from one plant to another, sometimes going far distances to do so.

About Honeybees

Honeybees live in hives, and a colony consists of a queen, drones who are male and have the sole purpose of mating with the queen, and the worker bees who are all female and have the job of building the hive, foraging for food (pollinating the plants) and keeping the air within the hive circulated. A beehive that is constructed in the wild only becomes a threat if people or animals get too close to it. However, if a hive is too close to where humans reside, or if it has been built within an attic space or walls of a home, it should be removed before anyone disturbs it accidentally.

Bee Removal

There are a few options for removing unwanted bees, including total extermination and bee extraction, which tries to safely remove the hive in order to relocate it to another place. Depending on what kind of bee is involved, and how serious the problem is, bee removal in Queens County can be done by either means, but the goal, in any case, is to make the environment safe for the occupants and animals living near the hive. Wasps and ants are usually exterminated, as they are considered to be nuisance pests, while honeybees should be relocated if at all possible to preserve this valuable species.

For safety reasons, bee removal should not be attempted by a novice. To obtain more information regarding bee removal services, please visit our website.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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