Being Prepared to Hire an Accident Lawyer in College Park

No one is ever prepared to be in a car accident. These often happen at the most inconvenient times, and most people are unfamiliar with what their next steps should be. Some accidents involving motorcycles or tractor trailers are even more dangerous. What does a person need to do to be prepared when they need to hire an Accident Lawyer in College Park? Listed below are a few suggestions to help one be more prepared.

Get Information from Witnesses

Witnesses are a key piece of evidence for any accident. These people can testify as to what they saw and can help identify whose fault the accident may have been. They are also helpful when it comes to being able to identify weather or road conditions and other factors that may have played a part in the accident. Sometimes, people are hesitant to get involved after an accident because they are unsure of the next steps. An accident attorney can put their mind at ease and get the details they need in a quick timeframe.

Take Photographs

Pictures can tell a lot about what may have happened in an accident. They also show the damage done to the vehicle along with other valuables in the vehicle. Pictures can help an attorney build a case but they will also be valuable to the insurance company. Videos are also helpful in a car accident.

Obtain a Police Report

Police reports are helpful in being able to establish a timeline of events along with how the police perceive the accident took place. They will ask all parties involved for a statement and also compile any information from witnesses. Police reports may take a few days to become available after the accident.

File an Insurance Claim

Any time an accident happens, a claim should be filed within a couple of days. The insurance company will send an adjuster to survey the damage.

Accident attorneys often have 24-hour answering services to answer questions a person may have if they are involved in an accident after hours. They also have FAQ’s on most of their websites to help with the unknown. For more information or if you need to contact an Accident Lawyer in College Park, Jaklitsch Law Group can help.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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