Benefits of Fuel Injection Cleaning Northern Virginia

by | Mar 22, 2012 | Automotive

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Fuel injection cleaning in Northern Virginia is a must for tune ups of the cars, trucks and other vehicles. Sometimes the repair and service shops skip over the fuel injection cleaning as it gets a little costly to clean or replace a fuel injection system. By keeping you fuel injector clean, you can help to ensure the fuel economy, control the emissions and get maximum performance from the engines. .

Why Do I Need To Do Fuel Injection Cleaning In Northern Virginia

Dirty fuel injectors are dirty can’t deliver the spray needed for combustion thus impacting the fuel economy and engine performance. This can cause the engine to rough idle, misfire or give poor fuel economy. Fuel injection cleaning is very important and this can be done by the vehicle owners or by the professionals at the time of engine tune ups. Fuel injectors can be kept clean by running and additive through a gas tank.

How does Fuel Injector Cleaning in Northern Virginia Work

Over time, the gasoline deposits are responsible for clogging the fuel injectors. The fuel injectors and the engine work efficiently in a running car but when the engine is shut off and fuel injectors can get clogged by the process called ‘heat soak’. As the residual fuel in the injector evaporates, the olefins are left as a residue which gets burned into the varnish and clogs the injectors. New models of the injectors are better in resisting clogging when compared to the older models. Additives in the gasoline also help to dissolve these buildups. If your car mostly makes short trips then it is more susceptible to get the fuel injection clogged over time. If left unchecked and unclean, the car will start shaking when idling and can either stall or misfire with time.

The Best Cleaner for fuel injection cleaning in Northern Virginia

There are many products available today that can clean and unclog the fuel injectors but the best cleaner is the gasoline itself. Good brands of gasoline of fuel injection cleaners very effective to clean the clog. Some of these cleaners can be added to the gas tank as well as your oil. STP injection cleaner is reported to have the highest concentration of cleaning agents and is really good for tough clogs. Sometimes adding injection cleaner to gasoline is not the ultimate solution for some engines especially if you are dealing with older engines. Expect to spend more time and effort with older engines. You will probably need to get a kit for fuel injection cleaning in Northern Virginia to dismantle the fuel injection system and clean it nicely. Make sure to run the fuel injection cleaner through a gas tank first .This is the cheapest and most effective solution.

Fuel injection cleaning Northern Virginia is more often a looked over item during the engine tune ups. Make sure to discuss this with the auto repair experts. For more information go to

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