Benefits of Using Home Heating Oil in Branford

More and more homeowners are making the switch to home heating oil in Branford. There are a number of good reasons that so many people are making this change. Some of the benefits offered by oil heat are highlighted here.

It’s Safe

Home heating oil in Branford, is one of the safest options for heating your home today. It will not burn while in a liquid state. In order to light it on fire, it has to be heated to a temperature over 140 degrees, and it will then begin to vaporize.

There are also a number of obvious warnings if there is some type of malfunction with the oil burner. When home heating oil systems are used, there is very rarely an issue with carbon monoxide and, if there is a malfunction, you will see soot or smoke.

It’s Green

Another huge advantage of using oil heat for your home is that it burns cleanly. The oil heat offered today will burn 95 percent cleaner than it did in 1970. Since it is able to burn so cleanly, it also comes within the air pollution standards that are set by the EPA. The fact is that since residential heating oil units produce such a small amount of emissions, it is not even under regulation from the Federal Clean Air Act.

It’s Dependable

You can store the oil in a tank on your property. You do not have to worry about disruptions or weather issues when it comes to your supply since it is on-site. Additionally, even during the coldest winters, there is more than enough oil for everyone who uses this method. With over 50 countries producing oil for this heat, the U.S. is not exclusively dependent on any one region or country for its supply.

If you are considering this type of heating system for your home, you can see there are a number of benefits offered by East River Energy. It is also much more affordable than most other heating options, which is just another reason you should give it a try. When it comes to heating your home, oil heat definitely offers something that other heating methods do not.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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