Can a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Madison, WI Help You Avoid a Conviction?

Facing criminal charges can cause people to panic. A criminal conviction in record could change a life dramatically, making it difficult for a person to find a job or cause him or her to lose some of their basic rights.. Anyone who is arrested will want to speak with a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Madison, WI immediately to see if there’s a way to avoid a conviction.

Having the Charges Dismissed

There are two main ways to have a charge dismissed. The first is to convince the prosecution that they do not have enough evidence to obtain a conviction. Trials are expensive so, if there is little evidence and a low chance of conviction, the prosecution may be willing to dismiss the charges altogether. This is more likely to happen with minor misdemeanor charges than with serious felony cases.

Another way is to dispute the evidence so it cannot be used in court, leading to insufficient evidence and a dismissal of the charges because a conviction isn’t possible. This can happen with any type of crime and could mean more work because the defense needs to prove the evidence is not admissible in court. If the evidence wasn’t collected legally for instance, it may be possible for this to work and for the charges to be dismissed.

Pleading Guilty to a Lesser Offense

When it’s not possible to have the charges dismissed, the prosecution may be willing to offer a plea deal to avoid a trial. With a plea deal, it might be possible to admit guilt for a lesser offense, complete a sentence, and have the conviction removed from the person’s record if the sentence is completed as ordered. The likelihood of this being possible depends on the person’s lawyer and the deal offered by the prosecution.

There are ways to avoid a criminal conviction, depending on the situation and the evidence for the case. If you’ve been arrested, contact a Criminal Defense Law Firm in Madison, WI today to find out if there’s a way for you to avoid a conviction. Visit today to learn more about how the firm can help you.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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