Careful Instructions to Follow in the Weeks After Orthopedic Surgery

Undergoing surgery to any part of your musculoskeletal system many times involves a significant recovery. You must follow the instructions of your orthopedic surgeon in Elgin when you are sent home to ensure that you heal properly. Before you go through with the operation, you are encouraged to learn first what kind of recovery you will undertake in the following days and weeks. By knowing what to expect, you can play a proactive role in your own healing.

Wearing Surgical Stockings

Even if you did not have surgery on your lower abdomen or limbs, you still could be required to wear surgical stockings on your legs. Your orthopedic surgeon in Elgin will send you home with a pair of these stockings. You will be advised to wear them for at least a week to keep the blood flowing in your legs. The surgical stockings compress your legs and prevent blood clots from forming. You also will be asked to wear the stockings even while you are up and moving around at home.

Walking Every Day

After you go through surgery, the last thing that you feel like doing is walking. However, walking can be vital in your recovery because it encourages blood flow throughout your body.

The blood flowing throughout your limbs facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to parts of your body that need healing. You could recover faster and with less pain, if you make an attempt to walk every day rather than confine yourself to bed for hours at a time.

Avoiding Tobacco

You also give your body a chance to heal faster if you avoid using tobacco products. Smoking and chewing tobacco take away oxygen and nutrients that your muscles and bones need to heal.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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