Child Support Collections Lawyers in Chicago Work to Get Your Money

Why is child support such a contested part of the law? Sadly, this process should be relatively simple, but instead, it becomes frustrating and almost impossible to collect from some people. When a parent is owed and seeks support from the other parent, they often become trapped between court orders and acting as a debt collector.

Very few child support cases are straightforward and carried out as the court intended. Instead, most return to the courthouse at least once to modify the orders or file a motion for contempt for nonpayment. A child support collections lawyer in Chicago can handle these matters with ease.

Anytime children and money are involved, matters are always highly contentious. It’s best to allow an attorney to handle all the communications and to ensure the proper motions are filed with the court. It’s illegal not to pay ordered support, and filing contempt motions is imperative to keep the court aware of the arrearages.

Many parents need clarification about the process. They want their money, and the other person thrown in jail or use whatever means necessary to collect. Sadly, these matters take time and patience. It’s easy to feel frustrated at the lack of money coming in and upset when the justice system doesn’t act quickly enough. However, having a child support collections lawyer in Chicago to navigate the process and file the proper documents is essential.

Parents who have orders that aren’t being paid or those who need to modify a previous order can contact Gordon & Perlut, LLC.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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