Choosing And Caring For The Granite Countertop In Hinsdale

There are many choices of materials to choose from when deciding on countertops. One of the more durable materials available for countertops is granite. A granite countertop Hinsdale residents love, although made from stone, is not exempted from staining, corrosion, and scratching. This is not to say that you should not choose granite. With proper cleaning and care, a granite countertop can last for many years.

Once the decision has been made to install a granite countertop, it is time to choose a color. Granite comes in many colors and the pattern varies on each piece. Due to the variations in color and pattern, it is advisable to purchase the entire lot at one time along with a bit extra for repairs. If purchased at different times, there is a chance that the colors, even though the same, may vary slightly in brightness, color, and pattern.

Now that granite has been chosen, it is time for installation. It is important to hire a contractor that is knowledgeable about granite countertops. Once the countertops are installed, they must be sealed to help prevent staining. The countertops should be resealed every couple of years to maintain a stain-free surface. Be sure to consult with the Hinsdale installer about the proper care and maintenance of the granite countertop.

Keeping the granite clean is the most beneficial way to keep the new granite countertop in good shape. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure to clean up spills as quickly as possible. Be sure to only use a soft cloth or rag. A scouring pad or other abrasive items can scratch and mar the surface of the granite. Do not use harsh and abrasive cleaners. The best thing to use for cleaning the granite countertop is a regular dish soap mixed with water. Dip a soft rag in the soap mixture and wipe the entire countertop. After cleaning, be sure to dry with a soft towel. There are also commercially available granite cleaners that can be used to keep the countertop clean.

A properly installed and maintained granite countertop should last for many years to come. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite online for more information!

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