Common Problems And Solutions For Garage Door Openers in Rockledge FL

Garage doors are some of the most convenient ways to secure your vehicle and gain access to your home. These days there have been a number of innovative garages that have been installed into millions of homes. However, even with innovation there tends to be the occasional problem. The following are some of the common problem people tend to come across with their garages and garage door openers in Rockledge FL has to offer.

A common complaint with garage doors is that they often open by themselves. This can be a very alarming and dangerous problem to have. However, the problem typically doesn’t lie with the door itself. In most cases, the problem is with the garage door opener. Most people find that the button on their transmitter is stuck. This stuck button could be activating the door without your knowledge. Often times people will store an extra garage opener somewhere inside of the house. There could be something laying on top of the opener that’s causing it to send a signal and activating the door. If your opener is malfunctioning, consider replacing it with one of the many garage door openers in Rockledge FL has available.

Some time garages have a tendency to not open or shut entirely. In some cases the door will simply close and then open again. This might have something to do with the way the garage door has been adjusted. Most Garage Door Openers Rockledge FL has available are set at a certain limit. This limit tells the door how far to open and how far to close. If this limit isn’t adjusted correctly, then the door will either close too much or not close enough. If the door hits the ground and then opens back up, it’s typically due to the garage’s safety features. A simple adjustment with your door’s setting should be allow the problem to be fixed.

Some garages don’t open at all when the remote is activated. There could be a number of factors that are contributing to this. For instance, most remote Garage Door Openers in Rockledge FL has available require them to be a certain distance from the garage. If your door isn’t activating it might mean you simply aren’t close enough. If you are close enough, it might mean that the battery in the remote is dying and the remote is too weak to send a signal. Contact Paradise Garage Doors.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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