Common Questions about Dental Care in Topeka, KS

Dentists love it when patients are interested in their dental care outside of the chair and encourage everyone to stay informed on what dental health encompasses. They know that dental hygiene is not complicated and the path to healthy teeth and gums is very easy to follow. However, you first need to take the time to understand what dental health is and how you can achieve proper dental care in Topeka, KS.

Basic Dental Care Information

You may be looking for a new dentist or wondering if you understand what dental care means for you. Dentists hear questions frequently about whether dental care is “one size fits all” and although there are many areas that apply to every person, it can be a good idea to call your dentist for any specific problems. Regular activities like brushing your teeth and flossing should be practiced by everyone and this is why your dentist gives you a new toothbrush after each visit. But even when you aren’t scheduled for cleaning anytime soon, your dentist can answer any questions that may come up.

Common Dental Care Questions and Answers

Some cases may vary, but there are a few questions and answers that everyone should take a moment to learn.

  • How often should you visit the dentist? Every six months for general cleaning and preventative steps.
  • How can you reduce tooth sensitivity? Switching to a desensitizing toothpaste may help, but you may have to cut out foods that bother your teeth.
  • How can you get rid of bad breath? Floss regularly and consider getting a tongue scraper to brush off bacteria and dead skin.
  • How do you know if your gums are healthy? Your dentist is the only one who can truly assess gum health, but a few key indicators of unhealthy gums are bleeding, swelling or loose teeth.

    If you have additional questions regarding proper dental care or services offered by your dentist, click here for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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