Complete Online Yoga Teacher Training In Minneapolis

For many people in Minneapolis, taking their yoga practice to the next level means completing a yoga teacher training program. These are extensive trainings, with different levels offered for students with an interest in going beyond just the basics.

In the past, yoga teacher training was done in-person. Today, thanks to technology, the top yoga studios in Minneapolis are offering quality online yoga teacher training. These programs should be approved by a specific yoga training school to ensure the correct form and methods are taught throughout the program.

The Unique Online Yoga Training Experience

One of the unique aspects of a top online yoga teacher training is the focus on the growth of the individual and learning the yoga styles and practices. It is not about managing the most difficult arm balances or the most complex of poses. Instead, it is about applying ancient practices, including controlled breathing (pranayama), movement or posture (asana), and the ancient healing powers of mediation to your style as a teacher.

Advanced Training

The basic level of online yoga teacher training is 230 hours, with the advanced courses providing more depth into all aspects of the practice with an additional 300-hour training.

This course builds on the early training, allowing the participants to move towards becoming master teachers. The advanced training is also an individual growth training, with students encouraged to go deeper into the origins and applications of yoga throughout life.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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