Considering Face Lift as an Option?

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Health And Fitness

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There are many reasons Texans may want to get a face lift in Dallas, the most common of which is to reduce the apparent effects of aging. Deep wrinkles that present a sour or unhappy look can damage self-esteem and confidence, and over time result in a person actually feeling sour and unhappy. A face lift in Dallas can lift spirits and self-confidence as well. Although there are no guarantees, most patients are very satisfied when they have the procedure done in order to achieve a younger appearance that may last up to a decade.

Usually a Texas face lift operation is performed on an outpatient basis as a Dallas facility, whether that is a surgical center, hospital or a state-of-the-art physician’s office. For most people who undergo a face lift, the pain is minimal due to the use of powerful anesthetizing agents. It usually takes about a work week before the dressings can be removed after surgery, and after that female patients can use make-up to cover any residual abrasions or suturing.

Basically, excess skin is removed during a face lift in Dallas, which means that one trade-off is a loss of muscle tone and elasticity in the face. Great care needs to be taken by both surgeon and patient in preserving your natural look while retaining your youthful appearance. Post-operative procedures may be necessary in order to achieve this, which could possible include a neck lift, surgery on the eyelids, the injection of fat in certain places, brow lift, a laser peel, liposuction or even chin implants.

Complications and risks should be carefully assessed before agreeing to a face lift by a qualified Dallas surgeon. Bleeding and bruising are at the lower scale of the potential consequences, since these can quickly heal. At the higher end are risks such as skin necrosis, which occurs when tissue dies and the patient experiences skin loss, as well as asymmetry, which is unevenness between the two sides of one’s face.

In most cases, face lifts create a positive effect in the patient’s life, including improved self-esteem and confidence, and few patients ever regret having the procedure done. For some, plastic surgery can take on an addictive quality, and it is both the responsibility and per the discretion of the treating physician to refuse service and refer marginal patients to counseling. Finding qualified and licensed surgeons who will perform quality cosmetic surgery for clients falls under the aegis of the patient who is seeking care, but there are many responsible, experienced and skilled surgeons available in the Dallas area, so that is generally not a problem.

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