Control Pests With an Ant Exterminator in Tulsa, OK

by | May 3, 2014 | Pest Control

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2561703_mWhile there are many insect pests in the Tulsa area, home and business owners find that the two varieties can be the hardest to eliminate. While pest control experts can easily control most common varieties of ants, they agree that pharaoh and carpenter ant varieties create the most difficulties. Experts should be contacted when the pests are first seen to identify the ant species and develop a plan to control the population.

Pharaoh ants are arguably the most difficult to eliminate, as typical control methods are ineffective with this species. Chemicals most often repel pharaoh ants, simply leading them to move the colony to another, more hospitable location. Most industry experts, like Guaranty Exterminating Company, utilize methods developed specifically for eliminating pharaoh ant populations. However, the process often takes longer than controlling other common ant varieties.

Carpenter ants are also more difficult to eradicate than some ant varieties. An ant exterminator in Tulsa OK will first have to verify that the insects are actually carpenter ants and not termites, as most home and business owners find it difficult to tell the difference based on the visual clues. Carpenter ants require moist environments, and will thrive in outdoor areas where wood and other materials are piled or in homes where dampness is present. While the key to controlling carpenter ants is to eliminate their preferred habitat, that is not always possible. However, because carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to buildings, controlling them when they do occur is very important.

Of course other pests are found in the Tulsa region. Cockroaches, spiders, fleas, ticks and other noxious insects can be found throughout the area. Eradicating each type of pest may require special techniques, but area professionals are trained to control all types of pests. Of course mice, rats are also pests, and better pest control services can also remove those threats from area homes and businesses.

An ant exterminator in Tulsa OK will work with home and business owners to identify and eliminate the threats from any type of pest routinely found in the region. They can also design custom services to keep pests from coming back. For health and safety, pests should be eliminated as soon as possible. Contacting a pest professional for an inspection is the first step.

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