Create a Nice, Straight Smile with Help from an Orthodontist in West Loop

If you are like most parents, you are always concerned about the health and welfare of your offspring. A part of that health will involve numerous oral concerns such as the alignment of the teeth. There are a few things that affect the location and position of permanent teeth including improper habits such as pacifier usage or thumb sucking, but part of the problem is just bad luck. Teeth tend to follow the path of least resistance which means that young teeth will try to fill whatever space is available. An Orthodontist in West Loop can fix the problem through the installation and adjustment of braces.

It is usually recommended that your child be evaluated for teeth position and alignment issues between the ages of seven and ten years old. This is because early treatments have a better success rate with permanently adjusting tooth position. Even then, there may be cases where aligners need to be worn long after the braces are removed. In milder cases of misalignment or poorly positioned teeth the orthodontist may suggest the use of removable aligners. These are a series of dental appliances that slowly adjust the teeth and are usually worn while sleeping or when you are relaxing or working at home.

There are some cases where the teeth are poorly positioned because of overcrowding. To help resolve the problem the orthodontist may need to remove one or more teeth so there is room for the rest. This can help speed up the movement of other teeth because there is more space for them to move into. However, it is usually a last resort because too much space can cause an excess amount of movement.

To ensure you or your child has a beautiful smile you need to start as early as possible. It takes longer to properly move adult teeth than it does for young teeth. Plus, adult teeth tend to shift back to the older position. With retainers and aligners, the orthodontist can keep this movement under control and help your smile look great. To know more, please visit Pure Dental Spa today.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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