Customers Rely on Long Distance Movers in Connecticut for Safe Transport of Belongings

Long Distance Movers in Connecticut offer basic and full service options for individuals, couples and families. Some also provide service for businesses and other organizations. Relocating becomes easier and less stressful when hiring professional movers.

A long-distance move may 500 miles away or it may be all the way to the West Coast. When the delivery of belongings will take a few days, this can be a time of anxiety for those making the trek to a new place of residence. They rely on the movers to get everything to the destination without any possessions breaking or getting lost.

Types of Service

At the most fundamental level, the customers want everything safely loaded, transported and unloaded. Full-service options may include packing items in boxes and unpacking boxes at the destination. Customers who want to do their own packing can purchase supplies from Long Distance Movers in Connecticut, allowing them to avoid having to look for cardboard boxes at stores, and to go shopping for bubble wrap and tape.

Large Possessions

Some households have large, heavy and unwieldy possessions, and they must find the right mover for the job. A company like Anthony Augliera Moving & Storage can handle loading, transporting and unloading these kinds of belongings. Examples include pianos, antique sideboards and pool tables. The movers also can crate, protect and deliver valuable items like oil paintings by famous artists.

Scaling Back

Moving professionals encourage customers to start scaling back on possessions months before they actually move. Otherwise, they wind up bringing a lot of things that they just donate or throw out when they get to the new location. A big yard sale before a move can bring in some cash to pay for the service.

Peace of Mind

It’s a little disconcerting to see the moving truck pull out of the driveway and head to the new destination, even for people who aren’t moving very far away. When this is a long-distance relocation, customers want to have peace of mind that everything stays safe for the hundreds or thousands of miles the trip will take. Visit the website the learn about one particular long-distance moving service. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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