Dealing With the Heat While Waiting for Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills CA

The central air unit has broken down for good; it’s pointless to keep having it repaired. Unfortunately, the residents of the household had not made plans for this and now they must wait until Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills CA can be scheduled. In the middle of summer, that can take a few days.

If these people have never lived without central air conditioning before, they may have trouble at first figuring out how to stay cool. They’ve always relied on a/c whenever the temperature reached 76 degrees, so what do they do now?

Using Fans

Some tips to keep a house cool while waiting for Air Conditioning System Replacement in El Dorado Hills CA are obvious. If the home has ceiling fans, the residents probably already use those devices to create breezes and help them stay comfortable with the thermostat temperature set a bit higher. If they don’t have any floor fans and the replacement appointment will not be until after the coming weekend, they might want to spring for fans for the bedrooms. That will help keep everyone comfortable at night.

Adding Ice

One technique most people accustomed to air conditioning have never tried is to run a fan over a bowl of ice, which cools the air before it reaches the person sitting there. This is a remarkably effective way for someone to stay comfortable when the exterior temperature is sweltering.

Don’t Generate Heat

People who have the air conditioner running for much of the summer may never think about how also running the oven or clothes dryer, or boiling liquids on top of the stove, are activities that generate heat. These activities should be avoided to keep the temperature as low as possible until the central air unit is replaced by a contractor such as Golden Aire Heating and Air Conditioning.

Go Elsewhere for a While

Before air conditioning became so prevalent in residential settings, people found other ways to beat the heat. They went to the mall, to the cinema or to another air-conditioned venue. That’s always an option too. Click here to learn more about one particular contractor that replaces central air conditioners. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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