Deciding on a Crematory in Whitefish

When deciding to be cremated or buried, many people are at a loss and not sure how to even start thinking about end-of-life decisions, much less discussing these decisions with their loved ones.

Many people know that a crematory in Whitefish is a place where a cremation takes place. Cremation has become more popular as a form of burial due to the higher cost of traditional burials. When a loved one is cremated, there is no expensive casket to purchase. A simple wooden box can be used during the cremation process.

The personal decision to be cremated is something that should be honored by loved ones. Many choose cremation to save money while others choose it because it is simple, less emotional, and more convenient.

A common misconception is that if a loved one is cremated, then a funeral is not allowed. Viewing services can take place prior to a cremation, or a memorial service can take place after cremation.

A common practice for cremation is for the remains to be placed in an urn and presented to the family. Multiple urns can be purchased for separate loved ones. During a memorial service, the urn or urns can be displayed next to the deceased’s pictures. Many families choose to display pictures of all ages as a way of honoring their lifetime.

If you or a loved one decides to be cremated, a crematory in Whitefish can help you with the decisions. You should place your request to be cremated in writing and provide copies to your relatives. Preplanning a cremation is helpful, and it takes the stress off of planning at the last minute.

The decision of what type of service to have can be difficult and is deeply personal. If you find you are struggling with it, you may want to discuss it with your loved ones. You can also seek the assistance of a funeral professional.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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