Dental Crowns in Oak Lawn Provide the Strength Necessary to Protect Damaged Teeth

When a toothache occurs, or a cavity begins to annoy the nerves so badly that nothing else seems important, it is time to visit an expert like those at Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry. A cavity may seem like a small problem, but once it reaches the point that pain develops, there may be concerns with strength and structure. The reason for this is all the dentin that will be lost while clearing away any decay.

On top of that is the loss of enamel that protects the tooth. To prevent these issues from ever becoming a problem, the dentist will cover the remainder of the tooth with Dental Crowns In Oak Lawn. The crown is a tough covering designed to give tooth protection. A crown is typically used when the whole tooth needs coverage. It is also necessary when certain dental procedures require multiple visits. The dentist will usually use a stainless steel crown for this task so that any delicate portions of the tooth are properly protected.

Crowns may also be used as part of a bridge. Bridges are usually required when a patient has multiple missing teeth. A bridge can cover two or more of them, but it usually requires some way to anchor the bridge in place. Dental Crowns in Oak Lawn provide a strong anchor for this purpose. One of the more common uses for a crown is cosmetic. No one wants their dental problems or repairs to be visible. In this case, a crown can cover a damaged too so that any prior issues are virtually invisible.

The main concern is the amount of time that such procedures require. The patient must first consult with the dentist, have the tooth prepared and sized and then wait for the crown to be created. The next step is another office visit to install the crown. One system avoids these types of issues by creating the crown on-site. This is done with computer-aided tools that carve the crown from small blocks of ceramic or dental resin. The dentist in Oak Lawn can help re-adhere or replace your dental crown.

Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry dentists thoroughly examine patients before approving them for a dental crown. To be considered a good candidate for a dental crown, the person will need to be in generally good oral health. There are many reasons why a crown might not be the right solution for your issue. For an appointment, visit their website or contact them today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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