Different Kinds of Fishing Bait in Honolulu

There are two basic kinds of fishing bait: live bait and artificial bait. Live bait is exactly what it sounds like; this is bait that is actually alive, such as worms or other insects. Artificial bait, or lures, are made from artificial materials that are designed to mimic live bait. The artificial bait is also designed to entice fish in ways that live bait might not. For example, artificial bait often has tiny flecks of reflective material that makes it stand out when underwater. That might entice a fish more than the surrounding types of live creatures.

Artificial Bait

When it comes to artificial bait, there are several different kinds as well. These are typically broken down into lures and flies. Flies are made from many different materials that are tied together to look similar to an insect. They’re the bait typically used when fly fishing. They’re designed to sit on the top of the water, much like an actual fly might. The flies are often tied by hand based on the skills and the needs of the individual fly fisher. So, if you make your own fishing bait in Honolulu, you need to look for a tackle shop that sells fly-tying tools.

You can click here to find the materials to tie a fly as well as lures. Artificial lures are often made of silicone or some other soft material that slightly resembles live bait.

Live Bait

Live bait is often preferable to artificial bait since it is simpler and easier to find. Also, many fishing experts swear that fish respond better to the movement of live bait than they do to artificial bait. Some are just traditional and prefer to use worms. Whatever your reason for using live bait, you should make sure you are picking the best fishing bait you can find from a reputable dealer.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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