Direct Vent Gas Fireplace – Filling Your Home With Warmth

Fireplaces of come a long way in terms of technology and functionality compared to only a few decades ago. The old-style wood-burning fireplaces of the past required much more preparation and maintenance than modern gas fireplaces of today, including the direct vent gas fireplace.

Direct Vent Fireplace Operation
Utilizing the outside air and drawing it into a sealed combustion system is the major functionality of direct vent gas fireplaces. These fireplaces convey cool air into a lower chamber and into a firebox into which the air is circulated. Once the air is warmed up it is transferred into the surrounding space of the room through the operation of a fan, delivering comforting warmth to everyone in its vicinity. On those cool and cold nights, this form of pleasurable radiant heat can be the perfect soothing element everyone can enjoy. Events are included with these fireplaces at the top and rear which transport harmful exhaust gas to the outside air, and thus not affecting the quality of the air inside.

Beautiful Decor
When choosing a direct vent gas fireplace, there are many options available in terms of style and color to match or complement your existing interior decor. In addition, these fireplaces give off a flame presentation that is truly appealing to the eye, which adds to the overall ambience produced in the room.

High Efficiency Heating
The heating efficiency at which these direct that gas fireplaces operate far exceeds the wood-burning, old-style fireplaces of the past. Modern gas fireplaces distribute heat into the room quickly as well and deliver a heating efficiency that in many cases hovers around 75 percent. Old-style wood-burning fireplaces produced heat which was largely lost into the surrounding material and up through the chimney.

The venting of unhealthy gases to the outside air is an important feature of the direct vent gas fireplace. The venting is channeled through the ceiling or wall of the room through the use of a flexible venting installation that enables customized routing to avoid obstacles present between the fireplace unit and the outside air.

If you are ready to shop direct vent fireplaces for your home, contact an experienced fireplace dealer serving your area to learn about your available options.

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