DIY Tips For RV Glass Repair Services

No matter how careful someone is while driving, they are bound to eventually have a mishap in their RV and require some form of RV Glass Repair Services. The catch with a glass repair on an RV is that most traditional automotive glass repair companies are not equipped to handle the specialized windows RVs usually have. In fact, unless the damage is too the windshield, they generally have to call a company who works strictly on RV glass. That is, unless they know some of these expert tips on how to get the job done themselves.


To get an exact match with the broken window, it is ideal to call the manufacturer of the RV. They will have access to the exact glass and frame needed to make the RV looking just as it was before the accident. Once the new glass and the frame are in the hands of the RV owner, the repairs can begin. If the glass cannot be ordered directly from the manufacturer, a professional repair service such as may be contacted.


The window frame has an inside perimeter which features a set of screws. It is these screws which keep the two halves of the window frame close to the wall. Have a friend on the outside to hold the window while the screws are being removed. This is so the glass does not fall out and break. After the screws are removed, the inner window frame can be removed.


Once the old window and frame have been removed, it is crucial to clean all of the old putties off of the frame. This is done because the new seal will not properly set if there are still remnants of the old seal present. After the frame has been properly cleaned, it is time to place new putty tape around the frame.


After the tape has been placed around the space of the frame, the new glass can be pressed up against the frame to help to begin the seal. Have the friend on the outside of the RV hold the glass in place while the screws are being tightened back into place. Make sure the screws are tight as they’re the only things holding the glass in place.

Hopefully, these tips on DIY RV Glass Repair Services can have the RV looking as good as new. For more info, click the link above. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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