Do You Need a Root Canal in Dubuque?

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Dentistry

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Have you ever heard people talking about their need for a root canal and seen the expressions of nervousness? Many people feel uneasy when it comes time for them to have a root canal. This is normally due to them being unaware of how the procedure is carried out. Most people feel more at ease when they know what to fully expect with a procedure. By understanding how and why a Root Canal in Dubuque is performed, you will feel more comfortable if you are ever told by your dentist you need one.

Why are Root Canals Performed?

Root canals are typically performed on teeth for three different reasons.

* When a person has a severe infection down in their tooth, it can often be difficult to treat. When infections become severe, they can cause major problems with the health of the teeth and could cause it to die. Instead of pulling the tooth, the dentist can sometimes remove the infection through a root canal procedure.

* If you have a bad cavity in your tooth, it can become damaged to the point it needs to be pulled. Cavities can sometimes be taken care of through a root canal procedure. This removes the soft tissue and the decayed areas so the tooth does not continue to suffer from damages.

* Severe and ongoing tooth pain can be difficult to bear. During a root canal procedure, the dentist can remove the inner portions of the tooth, including the nerve. This effectively stops the pain permanently.

How Is a Root Canal Performed?

Root canals are performed through the dentist creating an opening in the tooth. This opening will allow him or her to use special tools to remove the inner portions of the tooth and the nerve. The dentist then uses canal files to clean the roots, scraping them down to remove all traces of infection and soft tissue pulp. This allows you to keep your tooth so you do not have to have an extraction.

To learn more about root canals and see if you are a good candidate for the procedure, visit They can provide you with many different dental procedures, to help your teeth stay healthy.

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