Do You Need the Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Newnan, GA?

When you get injured in an auto accident and need legal assistance, you are getting involved in a tort law case. Tort law is designed to protect people from the recklessness or negligence of other people. If you are injured by a driver who failed to exert reasonable care, you can show a breach of duty that ended up in an accident.

Learn More About Personal Injury Claims

When you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Newnan, GA, you will find that negligence covers a large number of areas, not just auto wrecks. Wherever an injury happens and negligence can be proven, you can submit a personal injury claim.

A personal injury lawyer can guide you and support you in your personal injury claim. Along with negligence, he or she can help you with claims that involve an intentional wrong. Although these personal injury claims are not as common, they can be submitted for judicial review. For instance, if someone strikes you or wrongly detains you, you can obtain compensation for any injury, pain or suffering.

Don’t Wait: The Clock Is Ticking

Speak to a personal injury lawyer today; don’t wait. You cannot wait too long to submit a personal injury claim, as you only have two years from the happening of the incident to have your case reviewed. You are out of luck if you try to file suit after the two-year limit.

Once you file a claim, you become the plaintiff in the lawsuit. The other party becomes the defendant. That is when fact-gathering begins and an exchange of legal documents.

To learn more about your rights along these lines, visit a website, such as Take time now to find out more about the process. You don’t have to pay any legal fees unless your personal injury lawyer wins your legal case. Tort law covers people who have been unfairly injured or treated. Explore your rights today.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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