Does Your Home Require An Electrical Service Upgrade?

Most people never think about an upgrade of electrical service in Salem, OR and may not even know what it is. Because technology moves incredibly fast, you’ve likely become dependent on your devices. They can help you tell time, schedule appointments, plan events and can even set the temperature of your home and turn on your lights. Wiring in your home isn’t designed to last forever. If your wiring is 40 years old, chances are, it can’t handle your output. It wasn’t designed to handle high internet speeds, cable television, computers and the like.

Likewise, the wiring itself could damage your electronics, especially if there’s a dip in current or a surge, which is why an electrical service upgrade from Safety Electric Inc may be required.

Aged And Timeless

The problem with most homes is that they can look modern, vintage or timeless. When you maintain your house and keep it looking its best, it’s easy to forget that the inner workings may still need upgrades. Old wiring can age your home and can even cause damage or fire. Many flat-screen televisions and some computers require 200-amp plugs and older wiring can’t handle that much amperage.

Large Job

An electrical service upgrade can be a big job because the wires are inside the walls. The electrician you choose will have to locate them first, which means opening up the walls in certain areas. Therefore, the cost for such a job could be higher than you may think. However, it is a necessary thing to have done, especially if your wiring is older than 40 years.

The project scope will likely include finding the old wires, removing them, running new wires, replacing your fixtures/outlets and connecting switches. Afterward, they’ll have to repair the walls and clean up their mess.

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