E-waste and Why It Matters

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Recycling

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Companies that provide hazardous waste services in Plymouth are dealing with increasing volumes of e-waste. E-waste is a newly coined term that denotes waste products of an electronic nature, such as old computers, DVD players, VCR’s, Televisions and the like. When people buy new equipment for their homes the old equipment hasn’t always reached the end of its life cycle and can be resold through various online forums. However, when the equipment breaks down it must be disposed of properly and there seems to be a lack of facilities for electronic goods.

Growing Problem

The amount of E-waste generated on a daily basis continues to rise because the markets for these appliances are growing all the time. For example, China increased its production of information communications technology by twenty-two percent, causing more potential future waste. We use a lot of this technology and discard a high proportion of it when we upgrade our equipment, therefore creating E-waste. Another issue with e-waste is that it is also highly toxic to all life forms as well as the environment, hence the need for safe and proper disposal.

Environmental Problems

Computers are considered to be among the significant contributors of e-waste. However, they are only a portion of the problem. Other forms include refrigerators, mobile phones, microwaves and washers. As prices for electronic products drop and demand rises, the amount of e-waste rises proportionally; therefore, proper recycling needs to be carried out.

Harmful & Valuable Materials

E-waste comprises of hazardous, scarce and valuable materials. For example, a cathode ray tube is full of harmful yet valuable substances. One of those is Cadmium, which is toxic to humans and has been outlawed by the ROHS—the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances. It is one of six outlawed substances on the ROHS list.

Polyvinyl-chloride is found in computers and is used to create cabling, circuit boards and covers. When it is placed in a landfill or burnt, it releases dioxins which can cause problems in an individual’s immune or reproduction system. Mercury is another substance found in flat screens and can cause great harm to humans. Companies that provide hazardous waste services in Plymouth, or any other city, can help you manage your e-waste. You can be part of a problem or part of a solution to the problem.

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