Eradicate the Problem With Termites Treatment in Wellington Florida

The word “termite” can conjure up fear in most people because of their destructive nature. Termites can quickly invade property and tear its core apart before anyone even notices their presence. These destructive creatures can eat through the framework of a building and demolish everything in sight. Termites Treatment in Wellington Florida can get these pesky creatures under control and rid the property of them altogether. Since no two termite invasions happen in the same manner, a customized treatment plan will be designed to eliminate these unwanted pests.


Termites are one of the oldest types of insects. They have inhabited Earth for over 200 million years. Termites are relatives of the cockroach, who are not exactly a human favorite either. Termites prefer to live in hot wet places and can be found in large numbers in rain forests and jungles. They feed mostly on trees and dead plants, but they will also eat drywall, paper, and plastic. Once termites have invaded a space, they can pose a threat to the structural beams of the property, since they will eat the wood for food.

Signs That Termites Are Present

Termites can quietly slip inside of a structure, long before anyone detects their presence. Since they don’t sleep, termites are nonstop eating machines. It’s crucial to notice the signs that termites are present so that they can be removed before they cause excessive damage. If termites are present, they will leave bore holes in trees, the floors of the home or office may start to sag or sound hollow, frass (a powder-like substance that is left after an insect has been boring) may be present in or around the property, subterranean tunnels may suddenly pop up and piles of wings may appear around the area where the termites are suspected of living.

Termites are highly destructive, and they never stop working. Once the signs point to their existence, it’s important to enlist the help of a professional exterminating company, such as Above & Beyond Pest Control, who has been serving residential and commercial customers with all of their pest control needs since 1999. They will set up a plan for Termites Treatment in Wellington Florida that will include both the interior and exterior of the property, to ensure that all of the termites are gone. This company guarantees happy customers and offers maintenance plans to keep all pests away.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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