Estate Jewelry Buyers in Los Angeles Distinguish Antique From Estate Jewelry

Do you have a lot of jewelry that is doing nothing but collecting dust in your dresser drawers or jewelry box? Do you have some diamonds and other precious valuables that you would like to get rid of, but don’t want to just take any price for them? Are there antique valuables that you need to get appraised and perhaps get the fair market price for them? Maybe you own estate jewelry and want to get an appraisal on it. If so, and you are near the Los Angeles area, Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers wants to talk to you about your merchandise. Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers are Estate jewelry buyers in Los Angeles, California and will offer you top dollar for your precious items. They want to tell you about getting your estate jewels appraised.

Estate jewelry has often been confused with antique jewelry. Antique jewelry is jewelry that is 100 years old or more and could very well be estate jewelry, but not necessarily. To qualify as estate jewelry, the piece or pieces must come from a certain period such as the following: Georgian (1714-1837), which are handmade and very rare; Edwardian (1901-1915); the Arts and Crafts era (1894-1923); Art Nouveau (1895-1915), which featured a lot of flowers and butterflies art; Art Deco (1915-1935); Art Organique (20th Century); Retro (1945-1960), which included cocktail rings and charm bracelets worn primarily in Hollywood; and the Victorian periods (1837-1900), which included the popular lockets and brooches. As you can see, there is a significant difference in qualifying the type of jewelry you have.

Among the Estate jewelry buyers in Los Angeles, California, Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers guarantees the best price possible. Because of the high profile lifestyles associated with the Los Angeles area, particularly Beverly Hills, they offer discreet transactions as to keep your personal business your personal matter. They deal in pearls and gems, gold, vintage jewelry and much more. Call on Beverly Hills Jewelry Buyers for experienced and professional help in transacting business with your valuables. As part of the group of Estate jewelry buyers in Los Angeles, they have their reputation in the area to uphold. Contact them at their website, Website URL for more information.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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