Expert Tips You Need to Know Before Hiring a General Contractor in FL

Hiring someone else to work on your home can be a very stressful decision. You are literally leaving your house in the hands of a stranger. With that in mind, there are some steps you can to make sure that you feel as little as stress as possible when hiring top general contractors in Jacksonville.

Research Online

Researching online can be a very convenient and beneficial way to learn more about a company and its reputation. Just remember that not every “review site” is on the up and up, so make sure to look at several before you make a decision. Make a list of the contractors that interest you and start making your calls from there.

Get Written Quotes

When you call top general contractors in Jacksonville, they should be able to come out and give you an estimate based upon what they see. Any estimate should be in writing so that there is no misconception at any time during the job and also for the protection of all parties involved. Make sure you are aware of everything that the quote covers and that it is put into the written estimate as well, not just a price.

Verify All Licenses And Insurance

This step is absolutely crucial. If you hire a contractor that is not licensed or is not properly insured, it will most likely void your home insurance in the event something happens. Even if the link is tenuous at best, you will be out of luck due to the fine print in your home insurance policy.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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