Facts To Know About Horizontal Directional Drilling Service in Honolulu

When a company needs a pipeline route bored, the current go-to method is to hire a Drilling Service in Honolulu that is familiar with a method called horizontal directional drilling. This method is widely regarded as the most convenient method to complete the pipeline drilling job while minimizing the disruption such a project would normally bring. It is also fast becoming popular because it is minimally invasive in such places as wildlife refuges. Here are some facts to think about before hiring a drilling company to perform this style of project.

Selecting The Route

The route that is selected for this undertaking should, in theory, be the shortest route possible, preferably in the straightest line available. This is so that the pipeline will be straight when it is inserted in the tunnel. The drilling company will most likely perform a soil analysis as this will aid in the specific techniques to be used once the drilling is underway. Normally, there will only be an elevated span of 50 feet between the entry point and the exit point of the tunnel.

Sufficient Work Space

While it is true that horizontal directional drilling performed by an experienced Drilling Service in Honolulu requires less working space than more traditional methods, it still does require enough space to safely perform the job. This needs to be taken into account before the project begins. The area that is to be drilled will need space for drills, drilling fluid, mud removal equipment, and other necessities.

Drilling Fluid

The viscosity of the drilling fluid used will depend on the type of soil being drilled into and the structure of the tunnel. The fluid is used to keep the tunnel lubricated during the drilling and reaming process. The fluid also acts in a secondary manner to cleanse the tunnel and keep it stabilized. If the incorrect viscosity is used, it could very well be detrimental to the success and the safety of the project.

Remember to never “cheap out” on a drilling project or attempt to do it yourself. Drilling requires a qualified company such as to ensure everything is done correctly and safely. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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