Fast, Precise Work is the Hallmark of Galvo Fiber Laser Markers

Galvo fiber laser markers are designed for high-speed marking on curved or flat surfaces. Their advantages over flatbed lasers make them valued tools that are integrated into many production systems.

How Galvo Lasers Work

Galvo fiber lasers get their advantage from the way they move. The marker on a flatbed laser is always perpendicular to the surface. The galvo type of laser, on the other hand, can vary its angle to the surface. Think of it as the difference between a child gripping a crayon in her fist and moving it with her whole arm across the paper and an adult covering the same space by holding the crayon in her fingers and flicking it quickly back and forth.

Advantages of Galvo Fiber Lasers

Galvo lasers are extremely fast, creating hundreds of characters per second. They are also extremely precise. This makes them the tool of choice when you have a high volume of high-quality work to be done.

You have a choice of configuring galvo fiber lasers with or without a housing. This matters because they generally have smaller working areas than other types of laser markers. When you use the housing, you have better safety protections, but your work area is limited by the walls of the housing. If you remove the housing, you have more room to work, but you must take more safety measures.

Galvo fiber laser markers are very effective on curved or irregular surfaces. They can mark machine parts, jewelry, and medical devices with decorative or identifying figures. The angle of the laser can produce attractive or functional sloped edges on deep engravings.

Specialized Use

Galvo lasers are not all-purpose machines. They have specialized uses, but if you need that specialization, you won’t find a more impressive tool. They can help you with various projects regardless of if you need them for personal or commercial purposes.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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