Field Fastener Handles Industrial Kitting and Assembly Services

If you need a kitting and assembly service that you can rely on in the future, Field Fastener is here to meet your needs. This company provides high-quality in-house services so that you can get exactly what you need when you need it. The kitting process involves 4 steps to increase your revenue and save you time. Expect improved labor costs and productivity, fewer shipping mistakes, and more efficient inventory management. Field’s experts will ensure that the kit you receive matches your specifications, and can even ship directly to the customer to save you time. Total shipping costs are reduced, and automation means that the entire process is precise. Field can quickly generate a large production yield, increasing overall profits.

When you work with Field, you’ll find it easy to bundle products, manage SKUs, and scale orders. Orders are highly customizable, and Field welcomes client involvement and communication. Just let the team know what your requirements are, and they will handle the rest. Field handles orders globally and has a long-standing commitment to customer satisfaction. The SKUs for your order will be bundled together in one single kit, and then marked under one SKU, to streamline the process. The entire kit will be ready to ship in no time. Field strives to offer a kitting and assembly service that is flexible and reliable. Whatever the needs of your business, the team will handle the order with professionalism, speed, and a customized approach.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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