Filing a Lawsuit with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Girardeau MO

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Workers Compensation

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If you have a loved one that is deceased, due to the fault of another person, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This will depend on how closey related you were to this person. It is important to rely on the expertise offered by a wrongful death attorney in Girardeau MO to learn the details involved.

Wrongful death is reason enough to file legal action if this has occurred. If you are the spouse of child of the deceased individual, you may be capable of taking legal action.

The Role of the Plaintiff

The plaintiff is the person who lost the loved one and will be required to issue the lawsuit. This will involve listing the charges against the defendant and providing proof of these charges.

The Wrongful Death Attorney in Girardeau, MO will review the charges and decide if there is a strong case. If the case warrants the filing of the lawsuit, the attorney will draft the documents and file this in the court system.

The Defendant

The person accused of committing the wrongful death act will be referred to as the defendant. This individual must respond to the lawsuit within 30 days. The response that is given must address each allegation separately.

The Discovery Process

Both the plaintiff and defendant are required to be involved in the discovery process. There are varying parts to this process and all of these should be responded to in great detail by the plaintiff or the defendant.

A large part of discovery will involve the written interrogatories. This consists of 25-50 questions regarding the case and must be answered. It is important to provide thorough and concise responses that will work to strengthen your case if it proceeds to court.

The deposition is a large part of the discovery process and will allow the other side’s attorney to ask questions regarding the case. This may be used in court and the party providing the deposition will be sworn in under oath.

Finally, by consulting with an attorney this will provide you with the necessary amount of information to file a lawsuit and the ways to work to win the case.

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