FInd a Skilled Shop to Do Repairs After an Auto Body Collision in Newport News, VA

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Auto Repair

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Vehicles require routine maintenance to run properly, but there are times when accidents put a vehicle out of commission. When a customer has damage to an automobile, they need a company that specializes in auto body repair. Companies performing auto body repair will get customers back on the road with quality repair and replacement parts that meet highway traffic and safety standards. Vehicles today are manufactured with many high-tech functions that have to be fixed using up to date machines. A skilled Auto Body Collision Newport News VA shop can put a vehicle back on the road working the way it was before the accident.

Auto body repair specialists have trained to work on various makes and models of vehicles. Shops employ staff that have trained and certified in the newest techniques with this training provided by various vehicle manufacturers. These employees have a wide knowledge base of how a car or truck performs. Repair shops maintain a staff skilled in different functions to service damaged vehicles. Frame and Unibody repair technicians, as well as dent and paint technicians, all work together to get a vehicle back to the customer in the shortest time possible. These shops will only use replacement parts that the manufacturer approves of to keep a vehicle’s warranty valid.

Repair shops also understand that not all accidents are the client’s fault and will help customers to file proper insurance claim paperwork. Insurance companies also recommend reputable repair and auto body shops. A reputable auto body collision in Newport News VA facility will typically guarantee all repairs and replacements for the life of the vehicle or for as long as a customer owns it. Customers who are filing insurance should be leery of any auto body repair facility demanding payment before the insurance has paid out, or the repair is completed.

Repairing a vehicle damaged in a collision is often the most cost-effective option available to a customer. An auto body shop will be able to decide the repairs needed and provide customers with an estimate. Bruce’s Super Body Shops offer repairs for many vehicles and maintains three high volume service locations in the Newport News area to get customers back on the road faster. Visit to find a location or to get a free estimate for auto body repair.

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