Floors Are Transformed with Printed Floorcloths in Unique Patterns & Colors

Rugs are too much trouble to clean. Carpets never stay clean and always need to be replaced. What can you possibly use to keep your wood floors decorated but not have to constantly maintain or replace them? Floorcloths are the latest solution to this ancient problem.

What Floorcloths Are

This latest in floor coverings is a piece of canvas, usually rug size, that is printed with an art print laser on one side. The result is a consistent and perfect floor covering with any sort of pattern or color you want. They are becoming very popular on the West Coast because they are so customizable and easy to care for. You can even move them from room to room like a rug, but without the concern of any fibers snagging on the floors.

Caring for This Type of Floor Covering

Because they are several layers thick sealed onto canvas, they never need to be washed like a rug or carpet. They are sealed against spills and dirt and wipe off quickly and easily with a damp cloth. Even though they have a vinyl layer on top and clean like vinyl, they are sealed designs on canvas (hence, the name floor cloth).

It is not advisable that you use any harsh cleaning chemicals on these pieces of (literally!) floor art to prevent fading and discoloration or weakness in the canvas fibers. They should be swept or vacuumed often to keep dirt and crumbs off of them. A regular application of wax over the top keeps everything looking new.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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