Foundation Crack Repair in Overland Park, KS Should Only Be Performed by an Experienced Company

Foundation crack repair is not a do-it-yourself project. Applying waterproofing paint will seal some of the porous surfaces in the block, but will not eliminate the underlying reason for the cracks. Foundation crack repair in Overland Park, KS should only be performed by an experienced company that can thoroughly inspect the stability of the walls and floors and determine the cause of the cracks. Cracks that develop in a foundation can be caused by tree roots, pressure from poor drainage, settling of the foundation, and much more. Identifying the cause and correcting it is the only way to stop a foundation from continuing to deteriorate.

Evaporation during hot and dry weather conditions can cause the soil around a foundation to shrink and leave a gap. This gap allows rainwater to put pressure on the foundation and cause cracks. Even when the soil becomes saturated with water, the gap will not be completely filled with dirt, and water will continue to create pressure on the walls.

The French drains around the footer of a home can become clogged with dirt, causing pressure against the walls of a foundation. In some situations, new drains can be installed around the perimeter of a basement without having to excavate the yard. If the foundation walls have become unstable, additional support might need to be added to secure the home.

Poor Building Site Preparation
When a building site has not been properly prepared, the soil will not properly drain and excessive moisture will press against the walls causing cracks. Water can also create pockets under a foundation, causing cracks in the wall that will require services for foundation crack repair in Overland Park, KS and possibly additional support work.

Signs of a Foundation Failing
When a foundation is failing, cracks in the drywall and floors can develop. Windows and doors won’t open or close properly, and trim or molding can become misaligned when there’s a foundation problem. Chimneys might start to lean, and separations might be seen between a home and a garage, or around the doors.

Mr. Basement has years of experience correcting foundation problems in homes and businesses in the area. Feel free to visit the website to learn how they can help with your situation.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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