Four Major Examples of Employee Assistance Programs in Denver, CO

There are many types of employee assistance programs in Denver. Some of these programs are provided by the government, while private companies provide others. These programs can also help employees who are dealing with job stress or need help finding a new job. Employee assistance programs can be an important resource for employees and their families. This blog post will explore some types of employee assistance programs in Denver, CO.

Tobacco Cessation

The City of Denver offers a tobacco cessation program to all city employees. This program provides free nicotine replacement therapy and counseling to help employees quit smoking.

Financial Counseling

Many employee assistance programs offer financial counseling to help employees manage their money. Financial counselors can help employees create a budget, save money, and make wise financial decisions. Employees who participate in employee assistance program in Denver CO can receive up to $100 per month to help cover the cost of financial counseling services.

Career Counseling

Many employee assistance programs offer career counseling to help employees find a new job or advance their current careers. Career counselors can help employees assess their skills, create a resume, and search for jobs.

Stress Management

Many employee assistance programs offer stress management resources to help employees deal with job stress. Stress management resources can include counseling, relaxation techniques, and exercise programs.

Indulge in an Assistance Program

Concurrent HRO’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is one example of an employee assistance program in Denver, CO. This program provides counseling, financial counseling, and career counseling to city employees. The EAP also offers stress management resources, such as relaxation techniques and exercise programs.

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Author: Ally Allshouse

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