Full Mouth Restoration: Do I Need It?

A full mouth restoration in Sterling will restore your smile and improve the way you look and feel. It involves more than replacing broken or problematic teeth, though. The procedure also resolves problems with your gums and jaw, restoring function to both with cosmetic, restorative, and neuromuscular dental treatments.

Do I Need a Full Mouth Restoration?

If you have several missing teeth, or most of them are in bad shape after years of neglect, then this dental procedure may be the right step for you. Most people don’t mind having broken or chipped teeth if they don’t come with any mouth pain. However, if the issues aren’t addressed, damage to the enamel of your teeth will only grow over time. Getting a restoration job will prevent further breakdown.

Will It Help My Chronic Jaw Pain?

If you suffer from chronic jaw pain or if you experience clicking or popping of your jaw, you may have a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ disorder. One of the leading causes of TMJ disorder is misaligned teeth. A restoration job can fix your teeth alignment and help prevent future dental problems.

What Treatments Will It Involve?

Every patient needs a different mouth restoration procedure. Your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw before developing a dental plan. The plan will determine what treatments will provide you with the specialized care you need. Depending on what your dental issues are, you may undergo root canal treatment, tooth filling, scaling, and root planning.

How Do I Prepare?

Before you consent to any procedure, talk to your dentist at length about the process. What will it involve? What are the benefits and risks? Will it hurt? Will you go under sedation? How many visits will the treatment take?

Don’t neglect your dental health for much longer. Contact Cascades Center for Dental Health for a full mouth restoration in Sterling. Find out how the procedure will help you. Schedule an appointment today with one of our dentists.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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